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Evil Queen candles are pretty cool because:

They're made with 100% soy wax and fragrances free of harmful chemicals.

They're handmade and poured in the Evil Queen's kitchen in Los Angeles.

They're vegan and eco-friendly.

12 oz. Jar

Burn for 50+ hours.

Boss Babe: So, you're the boss. Just building your empire and killing the game. The candle speaks for itself, and so do you. Hints of bergamot and a slight cologne smell. Not too sweet, not too masculine, the perfect blend of smells that make you want to get out and do shit.

Basic: Ah, the basic candle. For the basic bitch in your life.  Or for your friend Felicia who loves to be sassy. Either way. All the basic favorites: Vanilla. Pumpkin. Swag.

Juice Cleanse: OMG guys I started this new juice cleanse and I'm basically a whole new person now. Sound like you? Yeah, me neither. But this candle will get you one step closer to feeling that way... or, at least, smelling that way. This literally smells like a cold pressed juice. Think lemongrass, cucumber and juicy, sweet mint. Didn't get your veggies in this week (or month?) No worries, light this candle instead.

Damn It's Early: Does anyone particularly enjoy getting out of bed? We don't think so. But lighting this candle will give you that dreamy coffee smell without a trip to the coffee shop. And, laziness is key here, am I right? Dark roasted coffee beans with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut for sweetness. And tears. Because we've all cried in the morning at least once.

Adventure Awaits: We've gotta say, if you're a nature lover, this candle is for you. If you're itching for adventure but stuck at your day job, pick up this candle and let it inspire you. It's the next best thing to actually being in Big Sur. And that's saying something. A perfect blend of sea salt, teakwood, and fresh air. 

Boyfriend's T-Shirt: Whether you have a dreamy boyfriend or you're longing for one... this candle will give you that "boyfriend's t-shirt" scent without the commitment. A blend of freshly cleaned cotton and a universally loved cologne. Lipstick stains are up to you ;)

Girls Night: Who doesn't love a good girls night? Get your gals together, make some sangria with cheap wine, eat junk food, gossip about life. Sounds like a perfect evening to us. Light this candle while you do it and it'll be your own personal heaven. Think raspberry sangria with a hint of perfume. Fruity and sweet, but not to the point that it makes you feel sick. 

It's Your B-Day: Holy shit, its your friend's birthday and you finally realize how old everyone is getting. Cue the tears and buy them this candle. Think "fourth-grade birthday party"... but better. Sweeter. More cake, and definitely more frosting. 

OMG You're Engaged: OMG your best friend just got engaged! Spoil her with this candle and let her know how stoked you are for her special day. (Also, hint at her including you in the bridal party, cuz, duh. You're clearly the best friend here.) A sweet, fresh blend of white tea and sweet lemon. Its the perfect mix of clean and sweet, just like that new rock. 

Best Day Ever: The wedding is finally here and it's going to be the best day ever. Let your friends know how happy you are for their new beginning with this special candle. Then watch the happiness on their face as they light it and remember their big day! Fresh, crisp champagne and strawberries. This is a very clean smelling candle that everyone loves! 

Forever Alone: Who needs love when you have wine? This candle smells like wine, chocolate, and reality tv. Perfect for those nights at home!




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