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Bug Off: Replace your chemical-filled bug spray with a plant-based, moisturizing bug repellant. Citronella powerhouses this blend to repel pesky mosquitos.

Shower Oil: Your skin will thank you. Our shower oils rehydrate your skin making it smooth and touchably soft. Pick your favorite Magnolia scent.

Whipped Sugar Scrub: Exfoliate and hydrate in one step! Scrub away dead skin and rejuvenate skin with pure Shea butter & olive oil. Leaves your skin super soft and moisturized.

Sun Relief: Whipped body butter jam-packed with extra aloe to help soothe, hydrate, and heal sunburnt skin. Scented in a custom blend of oatmeal fresh and peppermint for a slight tingle sensation. 

Laundry Soap: Drop 2 tablespoons in your laundry load and let Magnolia Laundry Soap do it’s deep cleaning without the harmful detergents or fillers. Trash your dryer sheets, bleach, and scent boosters- THIS DOES IT all! Gentle enough for kids and adults! 

Dough Bowl Candle: Farmhouse chic, dough bowl candle sure to fit all decor and make your home smell amazing!

Pet Pampering Spray: Our Pet Pampering Spray is made with honey and lavender. The natural ingredients provide your furry friend with a soft coat and smelling great. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

Bath Salts: Drop a spoonful in your hot bath and relax!

Facial Bar: You didn't even know you were missing the best thing that ever happened to your face... until you try our facial bars.

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