Ronaldo Infinity Bracelet

Ronaldo Infinity Bracelet

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As Ronaldo travels throughout the United States speaking to his loyal fans about the inspirations behind his beautiful jewelry pieces, he really enjoys the time he gets to spend with people related their own emotional stories about how much his jewelry means to them in their lives.

 As anyone who knows Ronaldo can attest, he constantly teaches anyone who will listen about God’s infinite love for us.  On a recent trip to visit a dealer who was having a trunk sale at his store, Ronaldo was overheard by a lady in the crowd telling people about God's love being infinite.  That lady came up to him and asked Ronaldo straight up why he had not created a bracelet that says exactly what he was telling everyone.  This conversation led to the inspiration behind the Infinity Bracelet©.  This simple design is Ronaldo's way of expressing that simple theme – that God's love for you is infinite.

Ronaldo's inspirations behind his jewelry creations are typically drawn from true life events, and usually those dealing with his own life or the lives of those he knows and meets in his travels.  But occasionally Ronaldo's inspiration comes from things that everyone shares in common.  Regardless of the source of his inspiration for any particular jewelry, you are encouraged to make the Ronaldo® jewelry have special meaning to you so that the stories can relate to your own life.

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